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Our Sydney-based surgeons specialise in the following cardiothoracic procedures:

Cardiac surgery

Cardiac surgery is a specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the heart.


Thoracic surgery

Thoracic surgery is a specialty focusing on the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the chest, excluding the heart.

Aortic surgery

Thoracic aortic surgery is a specialised area of cardiac surgery. Aortic problems are often complex and require specialised techniques to protect other parts of the body especially the brain during surgical procedures. Aortic problems commonly include aneurysm, which can usually be corrected at elective (scheduled) surgery, and dissection, which occurs acutely in most instances and requires emergency surgery to correct. Surgery often involves replacement of the damaged aorta with a prosthetic graft, repair or replacement of the aortic valve, and re-implantation of the coronary arteries on the prosthetic graft. If the arch of the aorta is involved replacement or bypass of the arch branches to head and arms may be required. Our surgeons are highly experienced in these procedures. RPA has long been a leader in aortic surgery and our surgeons have trained both at RPA and subsequently in overseas centres which have aortic surgery experience. Our surgeons results are world class, and they continue to refine and update their techniques.


Pacemaker and defibrillator surgery

A defibrillator is a device that applies an electric current to the heart to restore a normal heartbeat. If the heart stops due to cardiac arrest, a defibrillator may help it start beating again.

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